About St Wilfrid's Enterprise Centre

If you get misty-eyed reminiscing about the mullet and other eighties abominations, you can see an in-depth history of St Wilfrid's aka Firmstart (Manchester) Ltd on our other website Firmstart - The Early Days

Statement of Direction

It may be a cliché, but "If you don't know where you're going, any road will take you there," remains as true today as it always has. So while we are loath to use words like "mission" or "vision," we do feel it's important to have direction. With that in mind, here goes:

Firmstart differentiates itself from the glut of commoditised workspace by capitalising on the Pugin architecture of its Grade II listed building. Much in the way that boutique hotels set themselves apart from the larger chains, we strive to create obsessive fans of our customers—stir their inner Brontë—by recreating the splendour of a bygone era. Projects that reinvest in the fabric of the building, such as the restoration of the toilet or dining areas, aspire to capture that Victorian aesthetic, that uncommon beauty, that feeling, that this is a special place.

Don't Take Our Word For It...

Sinan Jefferies - Producer of The Don't Panic Pack for Event Promoters www.dontpaniconline.com

"St Wilfrid's has an atmosphere like no other office space. There is a really strong sense of community inside the building and there are many different and interesting businesses that you can learn from and collaborate with. For many, the location, parking and reasonable rates will be the main attraction, but for me, the thing that's kept us here for so long is the quality of the management. The staff are all wonderful people who never let you down. You could not ask for a better environment for positive growth."

Commenting on our sister premises The Cornbrook Enterprise Centre - Stephen Hart - Accountancy Firm Murphy Thompson Moore LLP www.mtmaccounting.com

"We wanted somewhere with parking included and close to the city centre, without paying city centre rent. Cornbrook is perfect in this respect, as it is just 5 minutes from the city centre and has a large secure car park. The office space was just the right size for our company's needs. The development of this old school building has been carried out very well. We are glad that we took that little bit more time to find the right place and Cornbrook ticks all the boxes for us."

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